There are numerous studies that show one way to improve your work performance or the work performance of your employees is with exercise. Regular physical activity is one of the most vital things you can do for your overall health. Specifically, being physically active improves overall physical and mental health, helps reduce the risk of disease, strengthens bones and muscles for functional everyday tasks, and helps manage weight.

Employees who work out regularly often have a better overall outlook on life and their job. The saying,”move a muscle, change a thought,” is absolute truth and sometimes all it takes to make a project great or overcome a difficult situation in the workplace is a new perspective.

Regular exercise:

  • Has been proven to increase energy levels throughout the day helping employees to be more productive.  
  • Helps to reduce stress levels helping employees manage the demands of the workplace more effectively.
  • Positive effect on mental health by reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety and helping clear the mind and feel more joy.
  • Is a vital aspect of overall physical health 
  • Can help employees improve their sleep

Pilates Fusion Training for the WorkPlace

One of the biggest challenges for people is creating the time to fit in regular workouts. There is time for the priorities in our life, but PFT helps make it a little easier. Our Video on Demand Library with over 200 workout sessions with varying times and very little equipment allows your employees to fit regular exercise in anytime it works for them in their daily routine. Many of these workouts can easily be done ANYWHERE, making it very convenient for employees who have to travel on a regular basis.

PFT Corporate Wellness Program 

  • PFT will work one on one with a human resources representative from your company to tailor a program that works within your Wellness Program’s budget.
  • Employees will have access to the entire Video on Demand Library, including a 30 day Challenge program of a 10 minute session/day for 30 days ~ a great place to build a habit or new routine.
  • Employees will have the option to opt in to weekly PFT Emails with a suggested plan for the week
  • Option to have an instructor teach a class live in your workplace or via livestream for your employees

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