You are the Greatest Project You’ll Ever Work On

Start the year with intention and make YOU the priority.

Easing into the year with intention. I love goals and setting new intentions and the new year is always a good time to do that. But, it’s nice to ease into the year, reflect on last year, and be intentional with your intentions. I do not put things like lose 30 pounds on my list and I’m not a January 1st new me kind of gal either. Oftentimes, goals like that require some drastic measure that you take and then after that is reached, people sometimes go back to the old ways because that measure is not sustainable. I like my goals to be things that I’m looking at improving or doing for life. Things that fit into what I’ve created so far for myself. Work projects are a little different. I’m talking about the GREATEST project you’ll ever work on here.

EVERYTHING is connected and it’s a continued overall lifestyle. Yes, there needs to be little tweaks or new intentions there that help support or build that lifestyle so my goals will always reflect that.  But, they stay within that realm.  So, of all the projects for 2024, I hope you make yourself the top one because YOU are the greatest project you’ll ever work on.  

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, says “new goals don’t deliver new results. New lifestyles do. And a lifestyle is a process, not an outcome. For this reason, all of your energy should go into building better habits, not chasing better results.” It’s a process, an on-going project my friends. There are steps, building blocks, creating new habits, making small changes that you can keep forever. It is a lifestyle you are building. And it’s all connected. It is not just that one result you are chasing.

It’s what you put IN your body to fuel and nourish that lifestyle, to give you energy to create and work on ALL of your projects.  Healthy, whole foods, enough protein and fiber and fluids are the gas in your tank. If you feel like garbage all the time, it affects your mind and your energy and your overall health. You cannot go without the proper gas in the tank.  Doing it the right way, creating a healthy relationship with food, adding not depriving, nourishing not rewarding is how it will be something you keep going.

If you put everything whole and organic IN your body, but aren’t paying attention to what you put ON your body, that can be affecting your health too. Safe products used to be few and far between and outrageously expensive. There are so many options though now for a safe deodorant or a lotion without endocrine disruptors. Start with the products you and your family use every single day and make a swap for safe ones.

It’s your tribe and who you surround yourself with. In my 40s, I am here for friends and family that I LOVE to be around. I am not here for energy suckers. You know the type, friends who are constantly in competition with you, constantly judging or who exhaust you, aren’t actually good for you. People who want you to succeed, who cheer and celebrate you, who inspire you to be your very best, who bring your JOY and energy ~ those are your people! ♡

It’s what you read and watch and listen to.  Make it quality friends.  I’m not saying everything I watch or read or listen to is a self help book because it most certainly is not. In fact, the first book I finished in 2024 was bright lights, big christmas by Mary Kay Andrews, a Hallmark movie kind of book that I knew would have a happy ending. Just something for fun. But, again, fill your cup and be inspired and grow! I used to love reading, hence my English Literature degree. But, I spent a lot of years too tired at night to read. My 14 year old, an avid reader (who finished 8 books just over Christmas break) has re-inspired my love for reading and like anything else, there is time for the things you love. If you’re not a reader, you can always listen.

It is so much how we talk to ourselves, how we love ourselves, the grace we give to ourselves. You will become what you believe. You will believe what you tell yourself. You are the voice in your head that you hear the most. Make it positive, make it healthy, make it kind! It is totally ok “to fake it ’till you make it” sometimes. Look in the mirror and say, “my body is taking me on a run today and for that I am grateful! You’ve got this (even if you have your doubts), This is going to happen (not IF it ever does).”

It’s what we do to move our bodies. And it should be something you love! If you are doing something for exercise that you do not enjoy, that does not make you feel good after, you need to find something else to do! If you hate running, you do NOT need to run! You need to explore other methods of cardio until you find something you enjoy more. When I get done with a run or a Pilates class, I feel happy! It brings me JOY. But, that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Find your cup of tea. It will be the only way you can be consistent. And consistency is the key to sustainability. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be a crazy, long, hard workout. Daily walks and 10-20 minute bits of Pilates or yoga or strength training can change your body and your health. Building those habits that create that lifestyle. The bigger picture, the larger overall intentions.

Finally ~ that lifestyle you want to build for yourself cannot happen if you don’t start dear friends. So, make yourself a priority in your life, the top project of 2024 and start right where you are because if nothing changes, nothing will change. Look at the overall life you want and what steps you need to start taking. And remember, anything worth doing, takes time.

Sending hopes of health and JOY for 2024!